Al Madawat Medical Supplies. represents the most reputed multinational suppliers, which are considered the top between the elite international manufacturers, in their range of products and continuously works on diversifying its product to include an ever-growing range of healthcare products and consumer goods. Our Main Products details as per below list :-

Products : Premium Health Supplements & Skin Care

Wholesaler & Exporter of Australian Made Premium Health Supplements & Skin Care Products. (Top Life,Cheri,Golden Hive, Spring Leaf,

Established in 1962 (TGA cGMP License No 175171)

Products: Hydrocolloid, Alginate dressings.

Curactive - Hydrocolloid Dressings - dressing hydrocolloid immersed in elastomeric polymers.
Algicare - Alginate Dressings - Alginate has hemostatic activity and provides an acceleration in healing.
ActCarbon- Absorbent Alginate Dressings and Activated Carbon - Treatment and control the stench of chronic wounds.

Products : Sterile Fabric, Sponge.

Curacel is a sterile absorbable knitted Fabric, prepared by the controlled oxidation of regenerated cellouse.
Curaspon is Sterile absorbable sponge product from pharmaceutical gelatin. When Curaspon is implanted in to the organism, it is completely absorbed in approximately 3 to 4 weeks

Products : Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Dental Surgery

Bioteck delivers to its customers a wide range of grafts, all manufactured through advanced biotechnological processes.
Bioteck devices are widely spread in many fields of regenerative medicine, such as Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Dental Surgery.

Products : plasters & bandages, laboratory products, catheter

Mainly deal with surgical products for Oncology such as colostomy, ileostomy & urostomy and also surgical products like wound care dressings like plasters & bandages, laboratory products, catheter, incontinence like Adult diapers, under pads, Baby diapers etc. Deals with Product of:

Products : Sheeting and Ointment

NewGel+ Silicone Gel Sheeting Made with specially formulated medical grade silicone gel, the first-line therapy of doctors, plastic surgeons and burn specialists world-wide. FDA-Cleared for scar management, the NewGel+ line of silicone sheeting is economical, washable, and reusable.
NewGel+E Silicone Gel Ointment Developed to be used in conjunction with NewGel+ silicone gel sheeting to provide 24 hour-a-day coverage. Perfect for use on small scars and scars in highly visible areas such as the face. Both NewGel+ sheeting and ointment are safe and effective for use on children as well as adults.